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Self charging folding electric bicycle: is it a dream ?
Recently, the world\'s largest crowd funding site kickstarter appears such an electric bicycle - not only provide electric power for driving, but also equipped with a unique kinetic energy recovery system.


Folding electric bicycle may replace bicycle soon !
Folding electric bicycle with advantages such as light,energy saving, environmental protection,affordable price,may have the chance to replace normal bicycle soon.


Experts: improper use of balance scooter may restrict transportation
From safety and traffic aspects, the electric balance scooter if used improperly,it will cause more harm than its advantage to traffic safety, may also restrict the development of urban transport.


Amazon sued because of hoverboard fire
A US family from Nashville has sued Amazon to court, asking Amazon be responsible for their house burned worth $ 1 million , and seek compensation of $ 30 million.


Thinking about balance scooter from Samsung recalls its GalaxyNote 7
Samsung claimed to recalls its GalaxyNote 7 on 2nd Sep 2016 because of fire and explosion risks,we balance scooter manufacturer should pay more attention on balance scooter battery quality.


Cheap Two Wheesl Hoverboard-Price You Can Afford
Xuanwei XWZ-002C two wheels hoverboard, drop shipping within 200USD,it is so cheap with reliable quality.


Perfect self balance scooter for your kids
Perfect self balance scooter for your kids - patented design 4.5 inch balancing scooter for children and teenagers.